Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting better

I think we're finally on the upswing of the stomach virus. So far Reagan hasn't had a single dirty diaper all day (and no more throw up), although as I type this she's fussing and I think it's because she needs to go. Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't have skipped her Miralax. Reagan's feeding therapist called today to cancel her appt because she has also come down with a stomach virus. Probably not coincidence considering Reagan had therapy on Monday and then was already showing symptoms on Tuesday. Overall she's been in a good mood today. Still pretty floppy and lacking head control, but I did start weaning the Clobazam so hopefully that will help. Now she's at 3/4 dose 3x day. Seizures are still yuck. She's having lots of twitches/spasms especially after waking and I counted and she had at least 7 of the myo-tonics today. I've never actually counted those before and she's having more than I had thought. She was very hesitant to take a nap today. Her first wasn't until 3:30 and it was a short one. She took another nap from 7-9pm and I had to wake her up from that one because she was out cold and hadn't taken her medicine yet. I'm not sure why she's fussing tonight...maybe she's just cranky that I woke her up out of her good sleep or maybe she has something brewing in that little tummy of hers...who knows. Hopefully she'll sleep it off and we'll all get some rest tonight.


Jamie said...

ohhh miss Reagan..
Ya know I swore that clonopin caused madie muscle weakness..:( Are you sure sure that the meds are not causing her tummy troubles? some can cause poops you dont even want to discuss! Topamax was one drug madie was on the longest and was a pretty sleepy drug that gave her topa-topa pellets in her poopy...(EWW) Ok OK enough of that! Seems like things are still tough as far as sleeping but getting better than they were!

Well I guess I can only send some prayers from CT..finally cooling off her but now its raining...OH JOY!
HEY did you get the DUOCAL??

the Grandma said...

Well.....we have reached the point where bowel movements are an interesting topic of conversation!!! lol!! is so great that we can share this information with each other....because if we depended on the doctors.....we would not know ANYTHING!! Thank God for all the parents out there that are willing to share their info!! God bless all of you and my prayers are with all of your families.

Lacey said...

I noticed whenever Jax is not feeling well, the seizures get way out of control. Hundreds a day. Hopefully her tummy feels better soon.