Tuesday, August 18, 2009

False alarm

We had a little scare today. Everything started off well enough. Last night Reagan only woke once, but this time she was not having it in our bed. I gave her some formula and then laid her in her bed on her tummy. She fussed a little but then she was out! She didn't even wake up at 8:45 when I loaded her up into the car for our trip in to Texas Children's. Today was her one week post-op check-up. I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. Her eye looks good and she even seems to be seeing better than before the surgery. She's making a lot of eye contact (a lot for her anyway) and her eyes are less crossed and she's keeping them more open than before. By all accounts everything was going well. Then during our very routine doctor's appt the doctor mentions that she doesn't see Reagan's lens implant in her left eye (the one that was just operated on). She was afraid that it had detached. In order to see more clearly she had to dilate Reagan's eye and then she sent us out into the waiting room to ponder the horrific scenarios of yet another operation! It was an excruciating wait. I did a lot of praying. About 30min later they came back out for us and she took another look. She still didn't seem 100% positive, so she used that big contraption that's attached to the seat. The one that you put your chin on. They held Reagan up with her chin on it so the doctor could get a clear look into her eye...and there it was, her lens implant, exactly where it's supposed to be! Everything looks great. Thank you for scaring the you-know-what out of me! This doctor was not her cataract surgeon (she was out on vacation), it was her previous ophthalmologist...the one that diagnosed her with cortical visual impairment, spotted her first cataract and the last one that was just operated on. Despite all the bad knews she's given us, I do repsect her as a doctor, so I was a little concerned that she was concerned. Thank God that it was just a false alarm. Talk about a sign of relief. Whew! So after all of that, we headed over for Reagan's 2nd Feldenkrais/ABM session of the week. Reagan wasn't nearly as cooperative as yesterday. I think she was slightly irritated by everything that went down at the doctor's office. We even ended the session a little early because of Reagan was just not that into it. Again she went the whole day today with nothing more than one little nap. Below is a picture of her in deep sleep this morning. Too cute, I had to take a picture (notice the legs crossed at the ankle...and the giant bug bite on her leg...this girl is seriously allergic).

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Kristine said...

So glad everything turned out to be fine!! Love the pic. :)