Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deja vu

It's strange but today has almost been a complete carbon copy of yesterday. Reagan's sleep last night was exactly the same, she slept well and woke up once but fell back asleep in our bed no problem. Then she woke up and had two dirty diapers immediately and then two more during the day (that's right, 4 again, must be a stomach virus of some sort), and in spite of it all she's been in a great mood all day today. Seizures were pretty rough this morning. Tons of twitches and spasms...for a while she was seriously having at least one a second! That warranted a call in to the neurologist, of course I just left a message and got a call back from the nurse but never heard from him. Thankfully they eased up a little as the day went on. She's still having way too many of those nasty myo-tonics. The worst part about those is the dazed look and groaning noises she makes as she's comes out of it. I don't like it at all. She's now officially off of Keppra. Maybe we'll see some improvement from that change over the next few days. I hope so. Please keep Reagan in your prayers, as we continue to adjust her medications (and probably add a new one) over the next couple weeks.


Heather said...

Lets make that 3 nights in a row of good nights sleep Reagan ... you can do it.As I am writing this,Jess informs me you called.I haven't been home all day.Sorry .. crazy couple of days here and I am SO bad about checking messages too.Hope there is a difference in the seizures with the Keppra finally gone.There just has to be.Love to you all and prayers always.

Lacey said...

Oh I hate the med dance. Sometimes I wonder if Jax lack of developing is from the seizures or the multitude of drugs he takes to try and keep them at bay. Its a no win situation. But his last little increase actually helped a little. I can't believe it. Heather has talked me into seeing Dr. Sheilds, she swears he can help so we'll give him a try.

Jamie said...

Its nice to read that you are getting more sleep!
Keppra did nothing for madies seizures..she was on it for maybe a couple of months..less drugs is always good. now lets nab those seizures! Onward we go!

Shonda said...

Poor baby, as if the seizures are not causing enough problems, and then a tummy bug hits her. Reagan has got to catch a break. Glad the sleep is a little better.

Praying, and sending hugs your way.