Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy bee

Reagan was a little turkey last night. Woke up fussing and not wanting to go back to sleep around 3am. I tried a couple different things and finally was able to get her back to sleep. It was short lived though and she woke back up way too soon. Our busy day started earlier than I had hoped. We battled the first day of school traffic and made our way into the medical center for Reagan's physical therapy evaluation. The lady that did the eval was an older (= experienced) therapist and she gave us some good suggestions on things we should work on with Reagan (hopefully we'll end up with her actually working with Reagan but that isn't always the case). She recommended something called add-a-bands to put on her legs to help stabilize them and give her a little extra support when we are working on sitting at home. I've never seen them before, they are these straps that velcro around her thighs and keep them in the right position for sitting, and when she put them on Reagan, they did seem to help her. Reagan was a little floppy today. And she was severely lacking in head control, which made things difficult in therapy. Although, she was extremely tolerant of everything. She let them do whatever they wanted to do to her...sitting her up, laying her down, doing uncomfortable stretches, she was calm and relaxed the whole time (a little out of character for her). I also think it was a little deceiving for the PT, I don't think she has any idea of how extremely high tone Reagan can be in her legs/feet. I guess if we end up with her she'll figure that out pretty quickly. From there we went over to feeding therapy and Reagan passed out cold right before we walked in. She's been asleep before for feeding therapy (and her therapist can still do different stretches on her) but she was REALLY out of it. I don't know if the PT evaluation tired her out or what but she was completely and totally limp. She did wake up right at the end, so at least she was awake for her OT right afterward. Again, the lack of head control was interfering a little, but she did some get work done and was very tolerant of everything (it's funny...both therapists commented on that). Actually, she didn't make a peep all day, she really was a good girl today. Hopefully the busy day will translate to a good night's rest tonight. My busy little bee needs some solid sleep (and so does her Mommy).

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Looking beautiful my friend.