Monday, July 6, 2009

Where did the sleep go?

Reagan was up a lot again last night. Restless. By the time I would make my way back to bed, she would be up and fussing again. I really thought increasing the Clobazam was going to help her get back to sleeping better, but it didn't seem to do anything. It's almost worse that we had a few nights of pretty good sleep, only to have them disappear again. Despite the lack of sleep, Reagan managed to wake up in a happy mood this morning. She made it through OT this morning without any incident but then the fussies came on right before she was supposed to go to feeding therapy this afternoon. I went ahead and canceled because I didn't want to repeat the screaming fest she had a few weeks ago. It was probably a smart move because she was getting tired and just needed to sleep it off. Sleep, we could all use some of that. Continued prayers in that area are always appreciated. We did finally get the A/C inspected today in our new house and it appears that everything is OK. The day of the inspection the A/C couldn't get below 81 which really concerned us, but we think it was partially due to it being off all day beforehand and the inspector leaving the doors open as he came in and out. So it looks like nothing is really holding us back now. Nothing except us, that is. It's just such a big decision and we didn't think we were going to be making it so quickly. We really thought we would have time to sit back and look at lots of different houses/neighborhoods while we saved up some money. Now here we are rushing to close before the end of the month with no money saved and we're stressing about it a little. I do think this is a good house for us though. A good house for Reagan and that's what is important.

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Jamie said...

Are we just on the blog patrol at the same time or what? LOL Oh madie is sure trying to crawl but not really getting anyplace by crawling more rolling and shifting herself all over into chairs etc..
I feel horrible knowing you are getting no sleep! Oh man! See I can kinda sorta brag and say madie was always a good she felt better it was harder to get her to GO to sleep! With lots or seizures she would sleep all day!
I am so siked you found a house! Hubby and I kinda did the same with NO money we just kinda HAD to take our house It was such a deal!
Ok Ok being summoned...Madie just loves her krinkle paper! hahah