Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time to increase

We had another up and down night last night. Maybe Reagan is getting acclimated to the effects of the Clobazam, or maybe it's her tummy keeping her up. It was a long night and the day wasn't much better. She was pretty miserable most of the day today and I'm fairly positive tummy pains were to blame. Lots of moaning, whining, and crying...she wasn't much fun to be around. This continued all day, that is, until Grandma came over. She was horrible all day and then she turns it on when Grandma shows up. What a turkey. Tonight I increased her Clobazam to 1/2 pill at night (and kept the morning dose the same). Maybe that will help her sleep better. I sure hope so. Not much going on tomorrow. I need to get some more boxes packed and call an A/C repairman to go figure out what's going on at our new house. Hopefully no major issues, but you just never know. Please keep Reagan in your prayers, she had a rough day today and could sure use a better one tomorrow.

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