Friday, July 10, 2009

Therapy changes

Today was a good day. Reagan has been such a darling all day today. So sweet and so talkative...just a joy. Quite the improvement from yesterday. This morning she had another appointment with the Feldenkrais practitioner. She had actually just gotten back from a training session in California with Anat Baniel. She was very inspired after seeing the work Anat does with children. Of course with Reagan's great mood, she was very cooperative during her session. She was actually so relaxed that she fell asleep on the table at the end of the session. Then we picked up and went straight over to feeding therapy. Reagan woke up just as we walked in...smiling away. It was a good session. Her therapist worked with her on chewing, a gummy bear wrapped in a mesh fabric, and she did a really great job. She was chewing it way back on her molars and never gagged once, which was surprising, I figured if anything she'd choke on her spit because she's been so spitty today. We're going to miss her feeding therapist, she's going to be out of commission for 2 weeks or so while she recovers from foot surgery. All of Reagan's therapies are going to be a little off for a while because of the move. When we're living with my mom her current OT has agreed to continue seeing her once a week (but when we move into our new house we'll have to switch over to a new OT). Her PT just notified me at Reagan's last session that she wasn't willing to drive that far, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to find someone else to work with her temporarily or if we'll have to wait until we're in our new house. Sounds like she'll be getting a little vacation from her hectic therapy schedule at least for the next few weeks. We've already signed up for the next round of aquatic therapy at Texas Children's. It doesn't start until Sept 15th but I'm pretty excited to see how Reagan does with it. She'll be getting her physical therapy in the water. I think that will be very beneficial for her because she does tend to loosen up a little when she's in the water. The aquatic therapy is only once a week, so I'm thinking of trying to get her in for an additional session per week of "dry" PT while she's in the program. We'll see. Still working on the packing. We're running out of time. I know in the end we'll probably be forced to just be pour out drawers into boxes. My mom came over again today to help me and I've convinced her to donate her services tomorrow as well. It's crunch time!

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