Saturday, July 4, 2009

Start packing

Last night's sleep was off a little, Reagan woke up 4-5 times keeping us on our toes. She was fussing and having some gas, so I'm guessing that was contributing to her sleep issues. We all slept in a little this morning and she's been in a good mood all day. We finally decided to pack a box or two. Slowly but surely. We got a little motivation this morning when Shonda, someone who reads our blog, and her husband brought over a whole ton of boxes for us. They own a packaging business and were so sweet to bring us some supplies to help us in our move. We enjoyed talking with them and we were touched by their generosity to want to help complete strangers. Afterward, Mike was so inspired that he went over to our storage unit and in three trips cleared the entire thing out himself! The plan is to get one of those PODS delivered late next week and fill it up. That way, they'll store it and then bring it out to our new house when we're ready to move in. No more back and forth to a storage unit. We just have to make sure that we don't pack up anything that we need in the meantime. No big plans for the 4th, but that's typical, we rarely do anything. Tonight we drove over and stalked our new house. Just checking out the neighborhood. We went and stood on the back porch of the house and I have to admit, it's nice. It's actually very quiet (a nice change of pace to the noisy road behind our current house). I could get used to that view. People were walking the old golf cart paths and ducks were standing on the old tee boxes. Mike already has it planned out how he's going to stand in the backyard and hit golf balls onto the nearby green. Now the big question is whether or not this A/C thing is going to be a major or minor problem. Maybe it's a quick fix or maybe it's a complete overhaul. I guess we'll find out Monday. I'm still a little unsure of what we're supposed to do so please keep this in your prayers.

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Shonda said...

Tera, It was so nice to finally meet you after reading your blog for so long. We enjoyed visiting with yall. I am especially glad that I got to hold Reagan. She is such a little sweetie. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need help packing some boxes.

Happy Packing!!!