Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleep is for night, silly girl

Sleep last night was about the same as the night before. Reagan was up and down from 1:45am-7am. I would have thought that increasing her pm dose of Clobazam might make her a little more groggy and willing to sleep, but no. She did however take more than her share of naps today (see her sleepy yoga pose below). Little stinker! She's started doing this thing when she wakes up, this grunting/hissing noise she makes letting you know she's getting mad and she wants you to pick her up. It often proceeds crying, so if you can get to her quick enough it saves everyone a lot of grief. The only problem is it takes a little longer to register what exactly it is...especially when it wakes you up in the middle of the night. She's been in a pretty good mood today. Yesterday and today we watched her Lion King sing-a-long video on her DVD player and she really seemed to enjoy it. Both times she watched it all the way through without fussing even once. In this case watching TV is actually a good means she's actually seeing it well enough to be interested in it. She also seems to like the singing...even when I chime in (yes, I do know the words). Other than that, not a lot going on today. We watched golf all morning (the British Open) and then Mike went to play golf (and shot under par for the first time). He does play a lot of golf (too much at times) but at least he's good at it!


Heather said...

Well,didn't call today,or hadn't you noticed?Tomorrow things get back to routine so hopefully we can connect.Look at that child will you?She seems to be changing into such a big girl lately.Did you tell her big girls sleep ALL night without waking?Hope that comes.I am sure your mom is enjoying you all and I know Reagan is enjoying Grandma for sure.Praying for good things as you continue to increase Clobazam.Kiss the little love.

Jackson's Blog said...

Okay...she looks so grown! I just saw her, but she was napping when I was there during the day! ;-) Praying the Clobazam controls her seizures and positive things to come her way!!!! seizures, more sleep at night and answers to tummy pains. BTW...Have you gone shopping for yourself yet? It is now end of July! Summer is almost over...well I guess not in Texas.