Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleep found us

Last night was a good one. I guess after all my complaining someone decided to cut me some slack! Reagan only woke once and fussed a little, but by the time we got to her she was back asleep again. Then she slept through til 6:15am...which was great. She's been in a good mood today, but she's been needy. She only took two naps, both of which were not very long and in my arms. The second I tried to lay her down...she woke up! Ugh. She also had PT and a visit from her ECI developmental coordinator today, so needless to say I haven't gotten much done in the ways of packing. I'm trying to convince my mom to come over and help me pack. She's a lot more organized than I am. And when it's your stuff, you tend to spend too much time going through everything instead of just throwing it in boxes. We're running out of time...now is the time to starting throwing it in boxes. The only problem (if you can call it that) is that my mom wants to spend all her time with Reagan when she comes over. Easy solution, toss Reagan in a box full of toys while we pack (see below). She thought it was funny for a second or two and then wanted out. One box down, 50,000 to go! I just hope everything fits in our storage container. What do we do if it doesn't? Start giving things away? These are just a few of the things I'm stressing about.


blogzilly said...

I'm a strange mutant who LOVES to pack, loves to move. I always like setting up in a new location. Fun.

But yeah, that's weird I know.

Rhea said...

You are so sweet Reagan! Happy packing. I must say I don't like packing. We moved last year Ken did most of it. Thank goodness that you have an amazing Mom. Mine is pretty good too. When my parents come over it's all about Anna! Can't complain about that!!!

Dawson said...

I guess im the oopposite of blogzilly. I HATE moving. I guess its because we have done it too much. I still get cold sweats when I see an empty box!!

Good luck though our prayers will be with you as always