Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleep for everyone!

Last night was a huge improvement from the night before. Actually it was just perfect. Reagan fell asleep at 9:15pm laying on a boppy on the floor watching her musical toy and didn't wake up until 6am. We didn't go to bed til 11 or so and she stirred a few times but never woke. I can't believe her sleep was improved while sleeping on the floor! I'm wondering if she's actually sleeping straight through or just waking and not crying. Either way, she's happy and we're happy. We needed that sleep. She's been super sweet again today. Very talkative. Still a little groggy. She slept through OT this morning and was a little out of it for vision therapy. More packing/moving today. The first story is still a mess but I'm hoping we'll have it cleared out by tomorrow. Tonight is our last night in the house. We're actually closing tomorrow, a day early than our original date. The buyers wanted to close early but we're still keeping a key until Thursday. They aren't picking the POD up until Thursday. We did have a little scare today when they told me they couldn't pick it up until Monday! They had to contact the local manager and were able to work something out. We're still going to end up with a few things that just won't fit in the POD. The lawnmower, wheelbarrow, grill, and patio furniture to name a few. Hopefully we can find a family member to store those for us until we get into our new house. We're almost there. Please continue to keep us (and our little princess) in your prayers.

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blogzilly said...

I am only now beginning to understand what you were going through in regards to sleep deprivation. For the past 7 days or so our son is getting up twice a night. It's killing us. I've never quite felt this way...I mean, I felt like crap because of the IS stuff and the seizures, but now I feel like someone is poking me with an electric prod all day in my eye sockets. It's bizarre.

GLAD you guys got some rest. Now I get it...