Friday, July 31, 2009

Reagan's got a new house

Another great night's sleep last night! Wow, I love this Clobazam! Well, not love but definite like. I was sure hoping it would help with her seizures (or stop them altogether) but it has surely helped tons with her sleeping. Seizures are not much improved. Sometimes slightly better and sometimes much worse! Ugh. So frustrating! Please keep her in your prayers. We have a little higher to go on the Clobazam, so maybe we'll see some improvement with that. Who knows. We just have to keep hoping. Today we closed on our house. Reagan's house. It's a done deal now. It all went pretty smoothly, so that's good. A weekend full of priming and painting lies ahead of us. Fun, fun. Reagan continues to be feisty. Very vocal, very squirmy. She's been a handful...but she's just so darn cute!

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