Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Clobazam, less seizures please!

Sleep was not so good last night. Reagan was up a lot from 2-6am (and so was I). Oh well, she did have an awesome night the night before. I guess you win some, you lose some. She was in a great mood all day today, lack of sleep never really seems to phase her all that much. She's been super spitty today...there's a steady drip coming out of her mouth (and onto my shirt). Every now and then she forgets to swallow and then chokes on it...not fun. We've been working on reaching with her. My mom bought her a toy that makes different sounds when you press the buttons and she's been pressing away at it. She has a tendency to want to pull her arms back, but if you help her just by giving her a little push behind the elbows to bring them forward, she really goes to town. Therapy is so out of whack with the move, I have no idea when she'll resume a regular therapy schedule again, so for now we're doing it ourselves! I can hardly wait to get into our new house and fix up her therapy room. Having everything out and so easily accessible is going to be an absolute dream. Hopefully we'll get some good therapists to work with her in our new location. Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers this weekend. We increased her Clobazam dose up to 3/4 pill for her pm dose. Less seizures, please!


Heather said...

Oh my gosh,she looks so grown up!Sorry you couldn't pull two nights in a row with the good sleep ... remember Reagan's mode of operation use to be every other?Maybe she start that back up.I see her bath chair arrived.Let me know how it works.I think we need to get one for Zoey.I can't wait till you are settled into the new house too.What a blessing more space for Reagan will be.Praying for those seizures to be gone,for good!I will call tomorrow.

Shonda said...

Oh my goodness...she looks like such a big girl in that picture. I am sure Reagan is enjoying her time at Grandmas. We will be praying for less seizures, and more sleep.