Monday, July 27, 2009


Good sleep last night. Reagan slept straight through in the pack n play. It's so sad because she can barely fit in it. Her little feet bunch up at the bottom and push against the sides. We're starting her off in the pack n play and then moving her to Grandma's bed if she wakes up in the middle of the night. I just don't want her getting too dependent on sleeping with someone (she and I have never slept soundly in the same bed) , and once we move into our new house I want her sleeping in her own room. No therapy today, just preparing for the endoscopy/colonoscopy tomorrow (at noon central time). The switch over to clear liquids has gone fairly smoothly. She's not one to crave her formula (she rarely shows any hunger whatsoever), so I don't think she's missing that too much. However, she's not guzzling down the juice (laced with Miralax) either. She takes a daily dose of 4g of Miralax anyway, but we're supposed to be giving her 1tbsp (approx 13g) of it in each 4oz bottle she drinks! That's A LOT!!! Well, that's a lot if she's actually drinking the juice. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll even get enough of this in her to clear her out (she only drank 9oz total all day). She's wanting to chew on the nipple, so I'm having to pry her mouth open to even have a chance at getting her to drink anything! Another problem is reflux. Juice is thinner than formula so it comes up much more easily. And then she keeps getting hiccups from the reflux...what a mess. Speaking of wasn't until 10:30pm that we finally had some movement (more like a puddle). We had to throw her in the bathtub to get her cleaned up! I'm getting more and more nervous the closer we get to having these procedures done (of course it's not going to happen unless we actually get her cleaned out). I know this is no big deal in adults, but in little ones it's a little more risky. I just hope and pray that this will give the doctors some sort of insight as to what on earth could be causing Reagan so much stomach pain! I want some relief for her...she's been suffering with this for way too long! Please also pray for a reduction in seizures. We still have a little wiggle room left with the Clobazam but at this point she's still having way, way too many. Time to sleep!

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Shonda said...

I will be praying that the day goes well. Poor Reagan...its time for the Dr.'s to figure out her tummy aches.