Sunday, July 26, 2009


Reagan was up last night due to tummy pains. And then if the gas and tummy pains aren't enough, those stinking seizures like to kick into high gear in the middle of the night making it much more difficult to get her back to sleep! She was so whiny last night...and whiny and me just don't get along in the middle of the night. I don't mind getting up when she's happy, I almost enjoy our time together... but when she's cranky, so am I. She was a handful waking up and 1am and 3am fussing up a storm. She finally moaned and groaned herself to sleep sometime around 4 and I put her in bed with Grandma and that was it. She finally slept through. Turkey. I'm so sick of the tummy issues. Tomorrow we have to start a liquid diet to prepare for her colonoscopy/endoscopy on Tuesday. We'll also have to give her massive amounts of Miralax to clean her out. Something tells me tomorrow (afternoon anyway) is not going to be fun. Her procedure is scheduled for Tuesday at noon. I'm getting a little more nervous as we get closer to that time. I'm hoping that this will be worth it and they will be able to see firsthand what is causing her so much pain (and then finally know how to fix it). Please keep her in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

A little advice on the might be different for kids, but I know for me I should have mixed the Miralax with something that was sugar free. It probably won't take Reagan as long to purge everything as an adult, but with the amount of Miralax they recommended, mixing it with Gatorade that was not sugar free made me nauseous.

I hope everything goes well!

Jamie said...

ohhh lil one. By the time I am reading this you are going tomorrow!
Best of Luck and hugs!!