Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Out like a light

Reagan slept well again last night. She did wake once, but settled down and went back to sleep fairly quickly. She's just been so sweet lately (on the good days anyway). She stares up at you with those huge blue eyes while she drinks her bottle (which is huge for a child with visual impairment), it just melts my heart. She's sleeping so peacefully lately, it's great to see her body finally able to rest, although at times it happens at inopportune moments. Like today during feeding therapy. Her therapist was commenting on how relaxed Reagan was (she wasn't trying to go into extension like she usually does) and that was it. She fell asleep while sitting in her therapist's lap eating avocado. Out like a light. In the picture below her therapist is doing some stretches on her and she never moved a muscle. She was definitely a little groggy at times today. Not sure what that's about. I like it at night but I could do without the daytime sleepiness. Don't get me wrong, a nap here and there is a good thing, but all day sleepiness just doesn't jive with Reagan's packed therapy schedule. It's just strange because there are days like yesterday that she just can't seem to take any decent naps and then today where she's been in and out of naps all day. Strange.


Heather said...

Sweet blue eyed darling.Finally sleeping,even during therapy!At least it is sleep and hopefully she will begin to adjust.Will call tomorrow.Heading to SD Friday morning for baby!!

Jamie said...

Ohhh sweet girl :) GOOD SLEEPING! Keep it up! I always hated those funny facial massages! I think what I would do if someone was doing that to my face when I was trying to eat! LOL Well Miss Madie always protests it!
She will adjust. :) stay strong :)!