Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New love

I was expecting trouble last night. Poor Reagan fell asleep still whimpering in pain. But guess who slept through the night again?!?! I think we've found a hit! This girl just loves to sleep with Grandma. Maybe we'll have to work something out when we move? Days with Mommy and Daddy, nights with Grandma? Kidding aside, I think Grandma will be ready to have the bed back to herself when we leave. I know I can't sleep a wink with Reagan beside me (and I don't think she likes sleeping with me either, she always wakes up). She did wake up happy this morning and I was beginning to think we were going to have a great PT session (we were going to see her favorite therapist that is no longer covered by our stinking insurance). But no, we were only there 5 min or so and it hit her. She started screaming in pain and 15min later another blow out! Poor thing! She was in so much pain. We ended up leaving early and she passed out cold on the car ride home. Thankfully, she woke up feeling 110% better. The rest of the day went off smoothly enough. We had another session with the temporary OT. Hmm...I'm still not feeling it. I guess it's only temporary. I have found a new favorite thing. Yesterday when we were Day 5 without a dirty diaper, my mom ran out and bought some pureed prunes and prune/apple juice. Reagan is definitely not a fan of the prunes, too tart for her, but she LOVES the juice! For two days in a row she's downed a 4oz bottle of it in 10min or less! That's record time for her! It's just so funny, since she's never really liked prunes, I wouldn't have thought to try prune juice with her! Who would have guessed she'd love it!?!? The only bad thing is those 4oz of juice are taking away precious tummy space for formula. She's drinking less of her formula because she's full of juice. Maybe we'll try it in moderation or every other day or something. Those bites I found on her legs a few days ago still haven't cleared up. If anything, they look worse than before. They've gotten redder and have little bumps on them. I spoke to her pediatrician's nurse about it and she said as long as Reagan's not running a fever and there's no pus on them, not to worry too much, just put some cortisone cream on it. She is just so sensitive. Her skin gets red so easily, it's hard to tell whether it's something to be concerned about or not. I guess we'll just keep an eye on it. As always, please keep her in your prayers!

OK, how cute is this??


Holly said...

Hey Girl, Have you tried a little Miralax daily to help her stay regular? You might have already tried...if so sorry for the stupid advice!

I know a lot of kiddos that have to take it or something like that daily or they won't stool.

Cute picture!

jocalyn said...

Apples and Prune juice worked way better than Miralax for Kendall! Oh, how we miss it...

Reagan is so stinkin cute!

Heather said...

Too,too cute.And the prune juice ... I have no idea why I hadn't suggested that before.Never worked for Zoey so I guess I just forgot about it.I say Grandma moves along with you and you all can start that compound like I want to.Just a suggestion!Love to you all.