Thursday, July 23, 2009

Move that duck

Another great night of sleep last night (for us anyway). My said that Reagan woke twice last night due to seizures, but each time she went back to sleep easily with only a little shushing and patting. Poor thing, they're even interrupting her sleep! It was something I always suspected but now it's confirmed. Her mood today has been pretty good. She's really trying to get things with her hands lately. She loves this rubber ducky and if you lay it on her tummy, she'll reach both hands up to try to get it. That's huge for her. She had a full day of therapy (with no real naps to speak of) and was great through it all. Two of her therapists even commented on how improved her seizures were today, although when she woke up from her late nap tonight she had more than enough to make up for it. Please keep that in your prayers! No more seizures!


Heather said...

Just proof once more that if these seizures could get under control then Reagan will take off in her development.I just know it.She is SO beautiful Tera and Mike.Everytime I come and see a new picture of her I have to enlarge it and just study her pretty face.I cannot wait to get my hands on her.Hopefully this fall.Prayers as always.

Dawson said...

oh those stinkin seizures!! how we hate them. Thinkin of you guys daily and hoping and praying faithfully for seizure freedom

Rhea said...

Adorable pictures! It sounds like you have an amazing Mom. She's going to miss Reagan when you move and vice versa.