Thursday, July 16, 2009

Horrible night, rough day

OK, so much for good times. Last night was a complete and total nightmare that continued all morning. And what's to blame but those blasted tummy pains. Reagan went to bed in a great mood around 8:45pm last night, but woke up 2.5hrs later to me digging in the closet trying to locate our toiletries. And there's no denying she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She didn't sleep more than 45min straight the entire night and when she was awake she was fussing and crying nonstop. Finally around 4am I decided to try to give her a suppository to speed things along and a few minutes later she went. I thought it would give her some relief but not in the least. The problem is she wasn't done. She hadn't gone in 3 days and her tummy was big time upset. Poor girl. She was completely and utterly miserable. We cancelled her therapies and she continued to scream and cry into the afternoon. Two more movments later she finally felt some relief and was able to take a good long nap. I'm just so frustrated that she has to go through such pain. She has that colonoscopy (and endoscopy) scheduled for July 28th and I hate to say it but I hope they find something. If they could figure out what's causing this pain, then maybe they can finally treat it and stop it altogether. It's almost worse that all the tests are coming back negative, because it just leaves us with no answers whatsoever. And we're running out of tests. Sometimes it seems like we are the only ones that care about helping Reagan. The doctors don't have to watch her scream and cry in pain or have nonstop seizures, so what do they care. SO frustrating. Thankfully she woke feeling much better after her nap. She's been so darling tonight. Right now she's just laying in bed with Mike staring up at him as he watches Braveheart. So sweet. Hopefully this mellow mood will stay with her the rest of tonight and we'll all get a good night's sleep. We need it.


blogzilly said...

Wow, that's awful. Hope you all can get some answers soon. Movies like Braveheart are good for us Dad's to watch when we are trying to find strength to cope. 300, Gladiator, stuff like that.

Jamie said...

SO its pretty clear there are some sparatic sleep patterns....gee wiz! Ok so more good than bad lately?? I agree...Blogzilly...Braveheart is a pretty amazing movie...what about a good sappy date night movie like The Notebook? Eh? get some girlie movies here! Oh just watch a funny movie and laugh all night...The Wedding Singer or Office Space! always make me laugh.
Ok its late in my neck of the woods..:)