Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to work

Last night wasn't the best for Reagan. She woke at 2am in a good enough mood, I fed her and then put her in bed with Grandma. Then she woke again at 6am screaming! From fast asleep to screaming her lungs had to be tummy pains. I'm not surprised considering all she had been through (colonoscopies are known for causing excess gas), but it was still unsettling. She finally calmed down and fell back asleep in Daddy's arms. Thankfully when she woke again she seemed to be feeling loads better. She's been so talkative much personality, now we just need to get her moving! She got back into the swing of things with vision therapy this morning and then feeding therapy this afternoon. She did really well in feeding, eating some applesauce (despite the loads of spit she has pouring out of her mouth) and doing some really good chewing. She wrapped up the session by falling asleep sitting up in the lap of her therapist (this is the second time she's done this). The sleepiness makes for a quiet ride home, so no complaining here. Seizures continue to be pretty nasty. It's very discouraging. I just want them to stop already! Please keep her in your prayers! She needs some relief from this.

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Cjengo said...

I am sorry you guys are still battling seizures :{