Saturday, July 25, 2009

Any suggestions

Last night was a good one. Reagan slept all the way through without so much as a peep! Soooooooo nice!! And she's been in a pretty good mood today. Still a little feisty, but not as bad as yesterday. She is giving me a hard time with feedings. Yesterday was worse but today she's still fighting me when I try to get the bottle in her mouth. She'll move her tongue all around and bite down on the nipple. I basically have to pry her little jaws open just to get it in and situated correctly and then she drinks just fine. And it's even worse with the solids. I have no choice though, her medicine has to be given in baby food, but she kept spitting it back out. I'd have to scrape it off her face and put it right back in. This can go on for a while! And she's still super spitty, which seems to make it all the more difficult. Always a challenge! I did increase her Clobazam today and I haven't noticed any increased sleepiness, which is good, I'm always nervous about how these increases are going to affect her. I want less seizures but I don't want her to be so sedated by the medication that can't do anything. Of course, it's not like she's doing a lot as it is, but she needs to have the option. Speaking of, the closer we get to closing on the house, the more excited I get about having a therapy room for her! I'm trying to think of what things we still need to get to optimize it for her (like mats for the floor, mirrors for the wall, etc...). If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm not the best decision maker, so I'm sure it will take me a while to figure out all I want to do in there. It's just nice that we finally have the option!


blogzilly said...

If you can get a ball pit in there, lots of kids seem to love those. Even an inflatable pool with bulk buy balls works.

jocalyn said...

Babies R Us has these ABC mats and they are only $25 and huge. You can covr them with black and white blankets to promote vision! Also, at Lowes or Home Depot you can get these shiny, mirror looking sheets, and put them against the wall...
Talk to Holly...she's queen of therapy stuff! She has some sort of ramp Caleigh creeps down with the help of gravity.
I'm so envious of your therapy room. Kendall's stuff takes over our house :) Enjoy!