Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another packing day

Nothing too exciting. More packing. We do finally have the entire second story clear (and clean...I know I said I wasn't going to do anything but I did). Problem is, the first floor is now jam packed and we're stepping over boxes. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and tomorrow they will pick up our POD that is full to the top and drop off an empty one for us to fill. Only a few days left. It seems like we'll never get it all done, but I guess we have to! Reagan has been a joy today! She was so sweet and well behaved this morning, I put her in her chair while my stepsister and I packed up the kitchen and she just sat there entertaining herself! I was so impressed! Then she took a SUPER long nap (which she never does that early in the day). I think it was probably related to increasing her am dose of Clobazam. She's now at 1/2 pill 2x day. So far it doesn't seem to be sedating her throughout the day, just making her take a longer nap, which is OK by me. I'm hoping we'll see some reduction in her seizures because some of them have really knocked her for a loop lately. She's sleeping on the leather couch tonight. Hopefully she won't slip off. We moved the upstairs sofa down and the downstairs sofa out. We all need some rest, so here's to a good peaceful night!

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