Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleep tight

Reagan has been going to sleep much earlier lately, around 9pm instead of 11pm. Usually this would be a bad thing, and she'd wake up sooner rather than later, but last night it worked out just fine. She only woke up once at 1:30am or so and then slept through til 7. It was awesome! I can't remember the last time she woke one time during the night. The sleep must have rejuvenated her because she was a doll all day today. So sweet and talkative, it was a welcome change from yesterday. She took a couple good naps today, but she wasn't groggy like she was yesterday. She only had one therapy today, feeding therapy, and she was great for that too. It's just so strange how she goes back and forth, one horrible day, one great day. Right now I'd settle for just some consecutive so so days. Any stretch of good days usually comes to a screeching halt with those nasty tummy pains. Thankfully today they spared her. And she even had two dirty diapers, but no pain. Another mystery that hopefully we'll get to the bottom of soon. Tomorrow morning is her upper GI with small bowel follow through. She can't have anything to eat or drink after 11:30 tonight. This is checking to make sure that everything is where it should be internally...that nothing is kinked or out of place. If this looks normal, then we'll do the endoscopy/colonoscopy at the end of the month. I would prefer to not have to do that, but we just have to find some answers for her sake. These tummy pains have been making her miserable for way too long. Please keep her in your prayers for a good night's sleep tonight and another good day tomorrow.


Jackson's Blog said...

I didn't realize the test was in the morning! I said an extra prayer for answers for Reagan's tummy pains, and of course, for sleep and no seizures too! Get some rest tonight! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Kristine said...

Saying lots of prayers for Reagan! Hope all goes well and the test helps.

Dawson said...

Praying that the test will yeild some answers to those aweful tummy troubles.