Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mean girl

Last night was a bad one. I'm certainly not counting on the Clobazam to help with sleeping at this point, not based on our experience last night anyway. Reagan woke up a lot. She was very restless, waking probably every hour or so with the yelling, screaming type of crying. Not fun. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been steamrolled. Not sure if it's the new med or what but Reagan's been in a strange mood all day. Very irritable. Lots of moaning and fussing directly at me. Very hard to tolerate, especially on no sleep. We had plans to go see a few houses today, so my mom came over to watch Reagan. She seemed to do better with Grandma, although she was pretty drowsy all afternoon. She's probably slept a whole night's worth of sleep just in the naps she's taken today. I don't know what that means for tonight, but it can't be good. Please keep her in your prayers. It looks like everything is a go for selling our house. The inspection went well and they only made one costly request, a new hot water heater, which we agreed we'll pay half. Since we only have 2.5 weeks til closing, we're planning on moving in with my mom while we continue to look for the right house. It will be nice when we finally have a one story with Reagan's bedroom right down the hall from us. And I'm excited about being able to have a therapy room for her...with all of her equipment out and easily accessible. I can hardly wait. Now we just have to find the house.

There she is cuddling up to Grandma. She wanted nothing to do with me!


Rhea said...

Praying that you will find the perfect house for your family. Love the picture of Reagan with her Grandma!

Jamie said...

Im right there with Rhea..:) Oh sweet baby girl. Be patinet with the new meds mama...only time can tell :)Cmon mister man above give us some good vibes!