Friday, June 5, 2009

Gastric Emptying Scan

What a horrendous night last night! I didn't realize how dependent Reagan has become on that little sip of koolaid or whatever to get her back to sleep at night. She was miserable without it. Fussing and moaning and groaning and screaming and crying...she was driving me crazy! I felt bad because she was having a TON of seizures and I know that had to be upsetting her, but there was just no snapping her out of it! At this point, I was very worried about how she was going to do for the gastric emptying test. She finally went back to sleep around 4:45am and then slept til 6:30am when my mom came in and woke her up with the alarm. Reagan didn't mind, she was thrilled to see her Grandma first thing in the morning and I was glad to have help. Little turkey, it was hard to believe that she had been such a terror during the night. When we got to the hospital to run the test, the guy tells me that Reagan has to drink 2oz in 5min. I think I actually laughed at the idea! I don't know if Reagan has EVER drank 2oz in 5min. Then he says that she can take up to 10min but that's it, no exceptions. If she can't do it, they'll have to cancel the test. So he leaves and comes back with her bottle full of soy and radioisotopes and it's actually 3oz!! I admit, I had no faith in her being able to drink 3oz in 10min...but we thought we'd try. Well, needless to say, she proved me wrong. She drank the 3oz in about 8.5min. Then he laid her on the table on this foamy board and proceeded to tape both her arms and legs down flat against her sides. First of all, she prefers to keep her arms bent, so I really thought she was going to break free but she tolerated it just fine. She not only tolerated it, but she was awesome! I turned on some cartoons and put the little TV up close to her and she watched those cartoons nonstop for an hour and a half! I could NOT believe it. It was amazing. Not only was she totally content, she was actually watching the TV and following it with her eyes! It was seriously her best behavior to date! She never got antsy, not even once! Then when the test was over, they cut her loose and I was finally able to give her her seizure medication...not that it's helping. I can't believe we've actually seen an increase in seizures (and especially twitches) since that last Keppra increase! It just doesn't make sense! Maybe it's just the fact that we're making changes, who knows. So frustrating! No news on the results of the test today. They said the doctor would read it today but probably not get back to us until Monday. Not surprising. Anyway, I am SO exhausted. My eyes are all bloodshot and sore from being up all night. I'm giving the melatonin another go tonight. We're going to try a higher dose 3mg. Before we tried 1mg and we saw no difference. Maybe this will work? Some sleep would be great! We sure need a nice relaxing weekend. Hopefully we'll get one. We're planning on going to a fund raiser tomorrow benefiting "Kids with Epilepsy" at the Sugar Land Rajun Cajun. It was something I just heard about and decided we had to attend (for obvious reasons). Hopefully Reagan will behave so we can have a good time. Anyone in the area please come! It's from noon-10pm Saturday June 6th.


Holly said...

I'm so glad the study went well. What a trooper she is!

I totally hear ya on the no sleep thing. How on earth are we even able to talk, walk and blog on the amount of sleep we get? It's just not normal! I know my hair is paying for it....gray coming out everywhere!

Jamie said...

what a big girl!! So glad study went well! Im with Holli..except Ive got the fine lines..from stress and worry!!lol I highlight my hair too much! What grays???lol
Hang in there!