Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm finally there. Completely and totally exhausted. Maybe it's the fact that we're getting NO sleep at night because Reagan's waking up at least once an hour. Maybe it's the nonstop seizures she's having all day long. Maybe it's her super irritable behavior last night and all day today. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done...running to and from therapies, scheduling of doctors appts and procedures, leaving messages for doctors (that I never hear back from), trying to get all of Reagan's medicine (and food) in her. Exhausting. Reagan has been such a handful today. She was fussy for OT this morning but she was full out hysterical for feeding therapy shortly thereafter. She was up last night with tummy pains which have continued to plague her all day. I did finally get a call from the GI nurse today and they scheduled Reagan's endoscopy-colonoscopy for July 28th. Not exactly as quickly as I was hoping. I just want to figure out what's causing her so much pain. No child should have to suffer this much. Seizures have been particularly rough today. Everyone is noticing an increase. Her feeding therapist brought it up and so did my mom. I, of course, already know this because I hold her all day long and feel each and every one of these nasty things wrack her little body nonstop. She definitely needs some prayers...that tomorrow will bring a better day.


Heather said...

I know you are exhausted.If you weren't there would be something wrong.The lack of sleep at night is the thing that comes into play the most I am sure.I so wish an answer to that could be found soon.Wish I had the answers.Wish I were closer,to keep you company or give you a break.Remember,I am a phone call away.Sorry I am not around the corner.Prayers for those flippin seizures.I pray daily that something gives.Something has got to give.I'll call tomorrow.Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your sweet baby girl. May you both get the sleep you need and the answers to her tummy problems!