Monday, June 8, 2009

Cutie patootie booty

Brutal. Last night was another horrible night. Reagan would wake screaming every 5-20min. I was up and down the entire night. Tons of twitches, tons of could anyone sleep like that!?!? She did manage to get a good hour or two of solid sleep at the end but that's not enough for anyone to get by! After such a rough night, I did go ahead and increase her Topomax back up a little to 4.5pills 2x/day...maybe we'll see a little relief with that. I spoke with someone from the epilepsy clinic today (some new person that knew nothing about Reagan) and they said that her doctor wants to continue increasing the Keppra. If the last increase made things worse, sure, why not increase it again! That makes a lot of sense. So now we're supposed to increase the morning dose to 1.5ml in the am, 1.25ml at noon, and 1.5ml in the pm. We'll see how that works. Lots of prayers needed! Reagan had another session of Feldenkrais this morning and she did really well. Even without sleep, she was in a great mood and very cooperative to everything the practitioner was doing. This afternoon she took a nap and slept straight through vision therapy. I always say that Reagan has the cutest bottom and now there's really no doubt about it! I found the cutest pair of bloomers ever! I fell in love with the picture of Lily and her little sister in matching monogrammed bloomers on Lily's old blog and I decided that I had to find a pair for Reagan. Not only did I find some, but they are just gorgeous! I contacted the lady about making a pair for Reagan and after seeing Reagan's blog she insisted on doing them for us free of charge! SO sweet! You can pick from tons of fonts, colors, and ribbons making each one completely original and adorable! I just love them and can hardly wait to get a picture of Reagan in them!


jennifer said...

Those bloomers are so cute! Still praying for less and ultimately no seizures!

Jamie said...

OH-M-GOD! Those bloomers! Now we all just wait for the pics! LOL
I always tell God that I dont ask him for much...maybe smaller thighs... ;)but I ask him ONLY for get her UP on her feet and into the world of KIDS! And of course NO MORE SEIZURES!!!
TO give kids a chance with the hard to controll seizures..
We keep goin...:)