Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keeping us up at night

No rest for the weary. Seriously, I don't know what's up with this girl. I do know that seizures are waking her up at night (seizures are waking us all up at night). She'll wake up fussing and crying and then shortly after she'll have a seizure. It's like she can feel it coming on and it wakes her up. I watched it happen again and again this morning when she was laying beside me. It was so sad because afterward she would finally be able to relax and go back to sleep. So needless to say, the seizures have been pretty bad in the mornings (although there seems to be some definite improvement at night...before midnight anyway). I'm still wondering if Reagan might be battling some sort of virus. She's had those throwing up incidents, low grade fevers here and there (which I always attribute to teething), and then she's also had a substantial increase in dirty diapers (which are normally pretty scarce). She's also been having the screaming, crying fits where you can tell that her tummy is hurting her. It's almost like we've gone back in time...back months ago when our lives were ruled by a super irritable, sleepless, and gassy baby. Those were dark days. But thankfully she hasn't completely reverted back. She still has her good moments during the day where she's just as sweet and cute as can be. And that's what keeps us going. I just pray that she will get over whatever is bothering her soon and get back to her happy, sleeping, sweet self. A good night's sleep would be a start.


Rhea said...

I am so praying for you guys. Thank you for always being honest about what you are going through. This week has been difficult for us too. Anna had two large seizures and ended up in the hospital. She's still not quite the same, but everyday getting better. It takes so much out of them when they have seizures. It's a good thing when they are so cute though!!!

Karen Owens said...

Hang in there. We are praying for a good night's sleep.