Friday, February 13, 2009

Rough night makes for a long day

What a night last night! I guess we're lucky we had a good one the night before or we'd really be dragging right now. Reagan was up every 1.5-2hrs last night (and so were we). A lot of moaning and whining, she just wouldn't settle and go back to sleep. We tried her in our bed, back in her bed, back in our bed...nothing was working. It was a miserable night for everyone. What's strange is that she didn't take a lot of naps yesterday, she even went 6hrs without a nap before bedtime, so I was expecting a good night's sleep. Boy was I was wrong! And then to top it all off we've had a busy day running from doctor's appt to therapy appts today. We had her pre-op appt this morning for her cataract surgery on Tuesday. It wasn't really much of an appt, we just signed the consent forms for the surgery and she reconfirmed that she thought it was a good idea to remove it now, since it looks like it's obstructing about half of her pupil. So now we just have to hope that our extremely pregnant surgeon makes it until Tuesday. After that appt we ran to grab a quick lunch before Reagan's therapies. At therapy it was almost deja vu of last week, in that she fell asleep during the last part of her feeding therapy and then slept during the first part of her occupational therapy. We're all a little pooped today. Seizures were actually pretty decent today. Tonight she did have a couple of different strong ones that really seemed to bother her (and me). She was in a good mood most of the day, but she did get a little fussy tonight. Hopefully that won't interfere with tonight's sleep. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


jocalyn said...

Sorry to hear she's not sleeping. That's hard on everyone! I feel your pain!in the no sleep department.
Wanted to let you now I was listening to my 8 year old say his prayers last night, and he's praying for "baby Reagan" too! Hang in there!

Heather said...

I think it goes something like ... no rest for the weary.Sorry for that.Hope last last yielded a better night for everyone.Funny ... we both used deja vu in our posts.Enjoy your weekend my friend.Wish we could pass some of these days in the company of each other.A visit one day soon will have to suffice.Something for me to look forward to.