Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miralax junkie

Reagan was up again twice last almost the exact same times as the night before! I'm beginning to see a pattern and not a good one. She also seems to be waking up from a nightmare or something. She'll be half asleep crying and crying but once I pick her up and she comes to, she's fine and can go back to sleep. But there's no leaving her in her crib when she gets like this because she just escalates. Even if I try to give her a bottle without picking her up, it's like she gets even more frantic. I'm glad that I'm not having to stay up with her after these episodes (1-2 hrs up in the middle of the night like before) but it's still pretty exhausting. And then this afternoon we had a major tummy issue. It all started out with some serious fussing and then next thing I knew she was trying to do some business. I went to go change her diaper thinking she would have a full one, but it was empty. Then she started straining and I got a glimpse at the huge rock she was trying to squeeze out. This is all my fault. Last week, when she was going 1-3 times a day (probably due to teething and not a stomach virus), I stopped her daily dose of Miralax. Bad idea. Horrible. Let me just tell you that will never happen again. She was so was like child birth! Poor, poor baby! Many kids with problems (seizures, autism, etc) have issues with constipation. Sometimes it's a result of the medications they take and sometimes it's a result of their underlying condition. We're not quite sure why Reagan has it but even with Miralax she only goes once every few days. The Miralax helps with consistency but not regularity...if you know what I mean. We've tried other things but everything just seems to upset her tummy and make matters worse. So for now, we'll stick with the Miralax, no matter what. We did attempt to go pick up her Lamictal today and BIG surprise the pharmacy has no record of it ever being called in! I have no idea who is to blame, but I've had nothing but problems with this pharmacy so who knows maybe the doctor's office isn't responsible. I guess we'll have to wait until Monday to figure all this out! I'm so sick of incompetence. Meanwhile, please keep Reagan in your prayers!

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