Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Up and down

Reagan woke up in a great mood this morning. We went in for an early session with her PT. She was very chatty and she tolerated the whole session very well. Then we went home for a short nap (for her anyway) and then went back to her therapy place to meet with a salesman that brought some more seating options for Reagan to try out. I'm still not sure which would be best. The main one I wanted to see/try out, the Leckey Squiggles seating system, it seems they are impossible to find and no one has been able to locate one for us to try just yet. These things are just SO expensive, I want to make sure we get the one that is best suited for Reagan. She was great though and let us try out everything he brought without getting too irritated. She was exhausted after all of the excitement and took a super long nap (~4hrs) when we got home. Unfortunately she woke up very unhappy...screaming and crying nonstop...obviously having some serious stomach pains. We HAVE to get her seen by a GI doc. It's insane but she's been having stomach issues since birth. Why are we the only ones concerned about it? She saw one GI doc months ago but he was an idiot and didn't do anything except put her on some super expensive hypoallergenic formula (neocate) which she didn't need to be on. I'm going to ask her neurologist about getting in to see another doctor tomorrow. He should be back in town as of Sunday and I put a call in to him today but I never heard anything. She finally cried herself back to sleep after a couple hours of crying. I'm not sure if he's going to stay down for the night because she did sleep so much this afternoon. I just hope when she wakes up (whether it be morning or night) that she's feeling much better! Please keep her in your prayers!! Tomorrow is the first day at the newly increased dose 875mg/2x day.

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teresa said...

I prayed for her early this morning. I will pray for guidence with the seating system and a good doctor for your stomach concerns. Teresa