Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twitch video

Reagan has still been a little drowsy...sleeping a little more than usual during the day (but still sleeping well at night). I'm wondering is she's still adjusting to the medicine increase or if maybe she just has a little something she's trying to fight off. Her seizures have been a little better, although every time we think that we're seeing less...she starts having more. And she's still having stomach issues...I don't know what we're going to do with her. She's been very talkative tonight. We really have to get that on video, it's too cute!! Speaking of video...below is a video of Reagan's "twitches" at their worst. This was taken a few days before we had the EEG done (when we found out that they were non-epileptic), but I was concerned that her doctor may want to see exactly what she was doing so I taped them. They seem to have gotten better lately although they are still there and more pronounced in the morning when she first gets up. In the video they are happening every second or even more than one a can see why I was so concerned about it. The best way I can describe them is it's like watching popcorn pop...almost soon as she would have one another one would pop up. Yuck. Hard to watch but I thought I should post it because it might be of use for others to see it. The doctor described it as non-epileptic myoclonus and we're still not sure what is causing them, but thankfully he does not think they are harmful to her and she seems no worse for wear. She does have one spasm during the's obvious when she does it (the twisting movement and the dazed look in her eyes).


Heather said...

I have come to love Reagan. Strange to some to hear that,me, a complete stranger of sorts, But to others,many in this world of blogging,they will understand completely. Watching her on the video and in turn knowing that you and Mike have to live that everyday, absolutely breaks my heart. It encourages me however to pray harder and more faithfully right along side you.I would do anything to help that sweet child.I see her smile and I am amazed by the resiliency and courage that one small soul possesses.All I have to offer is my support and prayers,always.I pray for peace to come to her tiny body. I pray for your strength daily in the face of such adversity but I do it all with great hope and unwavering faith that Reagan's miracle awaits her.

Dawson said...

UGG so hard to watch. Partly because we too have come to love little Reagan, and partly because it brings back painful memories of watching Dawson do the exact same thing. His miracle has happened and Reagan is waiting on hers. But during the wait try to remember what God has promised. He is always faithful. Our prayers for her remain constant and we will not stop until her seizures are gone. What a celebration we all are going to have when that happens!!!
God bless you guys