Saturday, August 23, 2008


Most of today has been spent trying to tie up loose ends before we leave for Austin. I'm still packing (some would say I'm an overpacker) and I'll probably keep adding things until the second we leave! Reagan did have a therapy session of sorts today...yes on a Saturday. Some of the therapists at Reagan's therapy place have been taking this course "A Neurodevelopmental Treatment Approach to Baby Treatment" all week this week. Then on Thursday and today they had one hour sessions where they could work on the techniques they had been learning...only now using real babies instead of dolls! Thursday didn't go so well. Reagan was due for a nap and very fussy/sleepy, but they said they were glad I brought her anyway because they were able to troubleshoot ways to calm a fussy baby (no problem...that's always been her specialty). But today she was a sweetie and worked long and hard. She was exhausted by the end and crashed. Today was the first day at 1000mg 2x day...I can't tell if there has been a difference. She has been having a lot of them today but I'm not sure if it's necessarily been more. I'm sick of trying to decifer between a lot, more, and much more. I just want to see less...much less! Please continue to keep her in your prayers...these seizures are hard on a little body. And keep us all in your prayers as we head up to Austin tomorrow for this new therapy for our little one!

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Heather said...

We will be thinking of you and praying for you.No worry there.We so hope that Reagan's seizures begin to respond to the increase. I know how very frustrated you are and how difficult it is to watch her endure this day after day. Please stay strong,as I know you will.Your doing an amazing job.Keep reminding yourselves of that.Have a safe trip and make some happy moments along the way!