Friday, August 15, 2008

No word

Last night we almost pulled an all nighter at Bible study! We stayed afterwards to get caught up on the Olympics and ended up not leaving until midnight. Oops! But it was exciting watching the women's gymnasts clench the gold and silver! We didn't get to bed until 1am...and little miss Reagan decided to wake up at 6am (probably because she had been sleeping since 8:30pm)!! The last few nights she's been going to sleep earlier than her usual 10:30-11pm (which is nice) but we've been going to bed much later (thanks to the Olympics)! She had a lot of seizures today (she had clusters with 2-3 of the twisting ones that leave her stunned afterwards scattered throughout the day) frustrating. I don't know if she's still adjusting to the new dose or what? Her neurologist still hasn't called and I'm getting SO frustrated (considering I started leaving messages for him on Monday). He better call this weekend (I have a whole list of questions I need to ask him). Despite the seizures Reagan has been super sweet and smiley most of the day (although she does get a little cranky when she's having them but who can blame her). Poor thing. I just want her to adjust and the seizures to stop already! Please keep her in your prayers!!

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Heather said...

I hear you about the Olympics!We are staying way too late here in California also. I CANNOT believe you still haven't heard back from the neuro.We will be praying that Reagan is better this weekend as far as seizures and that her sweet disposition continues!