Friday, August 22, 2008

Less seizures please!

Not too much to report today. It's hard to say about the seizures. I'm not sure if the overall number has increased, but I definitely think they are contributing to her night waking. She woke up again last night at about 4am, having a lot of seizures and understandably couldn't go back to sleep until they finally let up a little. I think they are a little more intense and she seems a little more stunned after each one of them...which I really don't like. I'm hoping that this is just the initial shock associated with the increase. I think the plan is to up the morning dose to 1000mg that will put us at the max dose of vigabatrin (1000mg 2x day). I didn't want to wait until we start the HBOT to increase it all the way, because if we see an increase in seizures then we wouldn't really know if it was the HBOT or the increase in medication. And although she seemed better at 750mg 2x day, we have to give the max dose a fair shot (otherwise we'll always wonder if it would have worked better), with the understanding that if they don't improve we'll move her back down to the 750mg. So that's the plan. Please keep her in your prayers. Less seizures...less seizures...less seizures...NO seizures!

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