Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK...this is something I heard about a long time ago but just recently my interest has peaked again. HBOT stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It's one of those therapies that has not been well studied but many parents have reported seeing huge benefits for autism, cerebral palsy, and yes seizures. It's very expensive and not covered by most insurance. I read a story months ago, about a little girl named Grace who had multiple problems (including infantile spasms) and she had AMAZING results with HBOT. Here's a link to her story...very inspirational. They were out of options with her and tried this as a last resort. And it worked miracles. So you would say...why haven't you already tried it? Well, like I said, it is expensive and there are not many places that do it and the benefits are questionable. I think it's one of those things you just have to go into with an open may work or it may do just never know. A place just opened up in Austin (about 3hrs away) this past week. So what peaked my interest...I was sitting in the waiting room at our therapy place a couple weeks ago and started talking with another mother. She mentioned that her daughter had CVI and had done HBOT and seen huge improvements in her vision (went from being completely blind to spotting birds up in the sky!) So now I'm thinking maybe we should give it a try. What could it hurt...other than our pocket book? I had been talking to a friend of mine about it and she just happened to be in Austin this past week and had her son Jackson evaluated (who also has infantile spasms). He is a surgical candidate and could end up undergoing brain surgery in the next several months, so they wanted to look into other options in the meantime. They are staying in Austin for the next 2 weeks (with her parents that live there) and doing a 10 session treatment with him. So we're planning a little 3 day weekend trip to Austin this weekend. We'll get to visit our friends and relatives that live there and on Monday we'll go in and have Reagan evaluated and get to sit in on Jackson's session to see what it's all about. They think that if he's going to benefit from it they'll see some improvement sometime between 5-10 sessions. I'm excited to see how he does with it. The plan is for us to leave tomorrow after Mike gets off work and we'll head back home on Monday after our appt. It's going to be our first trip to Austin since Reagan was born so we're looking forward to it. Today was another good day and she seems to be doing great with the please keep the prayers coming!!


Heather said...

Have great little get away. Safe travel and we hope they have great things to share with you on Monday. Our prayers go with you,as always.

Heather said...

Yes,I did forget the "a"!!!

sara said...

I am sure your mom passed on that my son has done hbot. We did 40 sessions initially which was back in March and are planning on doing another 40 soon. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.