Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4 HBOT

Reagan went to bed early again last night and then decided that she wanted to wake up for good at 4am. I was not too happy about that, but I got up with her nonetheless. Finally around 6am I was SO ready to get back to sleep so I put her in her swing and (I guess) she fell back to sleep. She did really well in the HBOT chamber today. We tried a new video...Care Bears...she's not a fan. I just think cartoons are too much for her. She didn't even want to look at it (so basically I watched 40min of Care Bears), but then when they switched it out for Baby Mozart I could tell almost immediately it was getting her attention. The Baby Einstein videos are perfect for her. We're talking the 3+month level, because they are still very basic and show one object (usually a toy or brightly colored thingy-ma-bob) against a black or white background. It stimulates her vision without totally overwhelming her...and it has relaxing Mozart playing in the background for me to listen to! I did finally hear back from the neurologist today about adjusting the diet (actually I got a message from his nurse)...we can begin lowering her ratio again. So tomorrow she'll get a 1.5:1 ratio (instead of 2:1). She'll probably stay at this ratio for a week or so and then if she's still in ketosis we may have to lower it to a 1:1. We can't switch back to regular formula/food until she's completely out of ketosis. So we'll just keep an eye on her and check her urine ketones to see where to go next. This afternoon she did a swim lesson of sorts with the lady that has been giving lessions to Jackson while he's here for HBOT. It was a little chaotic, but Reagan did pretty well. Again, I wouldn't necessarily say she liked it, but she tolerated it well. She did take Reagan under twice which I wasn't too thrilled about...considering Jackson has had to miss an entire week of HBOT due to an ear infection! I'm a little nervous because she was in a HORRIBLE mood after swimming (and she was happy the rest of the day). I think she was just overtired, but you just never know! Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers...that we'll see a decline in seizures and developmental improvements from the HBOT sessions (and no negative effects from coming off the diet). And say an extra prayer for Jackson that he can get over this nasty ear infection and back in the chamber for treatment next week with Reagan!!

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Heather said...

Super cute picture of the two of them.Prayers for Reagan and Jackson and whatever decision you make for the weekend, I hope you find some moments of relaxation.Talk to you soon.