Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Reagan had a great day...therapywise. She had OT first thing this morning. She was well behaved and cooperative for the first half of her the session and then got a little fussy for the second half. Then for her PT appt this afternoon she was an absolute angel. I think her therapist was in shock at how good she was being. Two great PT sessions in a row...this is a new record. Reagan was reaching and grabbing at toys (purposefully) which is great for her. She cried a little at the very end when the therapist was stretching her legs out for sitting (we knew this would happen so we saved it for the end), but she stopped immediately when she picked her up and that was that. A great day for therapy. AND she slept on the way home from both sessions...instead of her usual crying the whole way home. She didn't take a nap this afternoon and then crashed for 3 hrs tonight...so I'm fairly certain I'm going to be up all night with her! And she's been pretty cranky tonight so this is going to be fun!


teresa said...

I am glad to hear she is reaching for things. That is really amazing and great for her. I hope you won't be up all night. I know her sleeping in the car helps you tremendously. I love the good news. Teresa

Dawson said...

so great to hear the therapy is going well. Glad also that you guys made it back home safely. Praying for Reagan and your family