Thursday, June 19, 2008

More therapy

Reagan had another fairly good night's sleep last night. Although there was a rough patch when she woke up at 1am and did not want to go back to sleep (and I was seriously losing my patience with her). She had yet another good session at physical therapy today. I've stopped keeping count, we've had so many good sessions in a row. Reagan just really seems to have taken to her new therapist. She's so calm and easy going, I think her personality puts Reagan at ease and it helps every aspect of her therapy. It really has been a blessing to see her "working" at therapy instead of crying the whole time. Then this afternoon she also had vision therapy. We were having quite a storm (thank goodness we didn't have to drive to therapy), but her poor therapist showed up at our house soaked! Reagan was good for this session as well. We have this vision box (it's called a "little room") that is supposed to help in her visual development. She laid in her vision box for 20+ minutes today playing with the different things that hang down (and looking in the mirror). It's supposed to stimulate their visual development in addition to teaching them cause and effect (she touches the things and they move/make different sounds).

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Heather said...

Some really good pictures again and I am so thankful that therapy is going consistently well for Reagan. That "little room" is really cool. I have never seen that before and 20 minutes is such a great amount of time to stay content and play! Keep up the awesome job Reagan.