Friday, June 6, 2008

Let the teething begin

Well, Reagan's definitely teething! It's funny, we waited so long for the first two teeth and she's already getting more...I guess she's on a roll now. She has been so fussy all day long today. Her upper gums are very red and you can just tell she doesn't feel well. I guess she gets the whiny gene from me. I've been pumping her full of tylenol all day today trying to prevent a fever and ease the pain (it's actually an acetaminophen suppository, gross I know, because she can't take regular liquid tylenol because of the carbs). On a positive note, she has been drinking her bottles no problem...the Ketocal is best served cold, so I think she finds the coldness soothing on her sore gums (although she won't touch a teething ring). On average I would say she has had less seizures today than yesterday, but she's had two today that were possibly small tonic seizures. It's hard to say because every time she's had a tonic one previously, they've lasted at least a minute or so in duration and there was really no question what they were. These two today were only a few seconds long, but had the same constant trembling characteristic of the longer ones (followed by some small jerks). I don't know. I don't like it. Monday can't come soon enough for me.


Dawson said...

Oh the fun of teething. God bless the makers of Tylenol!! Hopefully the tweak in the diet will give her the relief she needs. We are still so prayerful that the relief will come very soon. Keep running the race, and give Reagan a squeeze from us

Jennifer said...

Hang in there Tera; my thoughts and prayers are with you. XOXO