Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been on and off the phone with our insurance all day today trying to figure out how to get Reagan's stander covered. I thought it might just be an issue of having the wrong code, which it still may be, but even if we get them to approve it, I think they will only cover one item. Either the stander or the feeding chair...but not both. We may have to go through some sort of charitable organization to get one the other one (these things aren't cheap...usually a couple thousand dollars). If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Reagan has been in a MUCH better mood today. She's been happy and easy going pretty much all day long. She took some good long naps and had yet another good PT session this afternoon. Her seizures are still going strong though. I'm going to take her in tomorrow morning (to have her levels checked) but I'm anticipating that we'll lower the ratio of her diet again (to 2:1). We're running out of time...this may be our last chance to get it to work. Please keep her in your prayers!


Heather said...

Sorry you didn't make any more head way with the insurance company. Maybe try those few avenues I mentioned this morning. Time is of the essence I know. Who the heck wants to wait 3-4 months to see if something materializes. If I find any other possibilities I will be sure to let you know. So proud of Reagan that she continues to have good PT sessions time and again. We will pray that a little more tweeking with the diet will yield results ...soon. Thank for my thank you! Totally unnecessary but it will certainly keep my hot chocolate addiction going strong for many days to come!

Marc said...

We had the same issue with our insurance and we had our distributor (where we got our KidCart through) run an application through NOCK (National Organization for Chronically Ill Kids - not the same thing if you do a search online) and they paid for it. We can send you the forms if you like. I don't know if it will work for everyone, but I might be able to get you started in the right direction.

Dawson said...

we are always praying for that little angel. We hope everything works out with the insurance. So glad the therapy is going so great and well keep praying.