Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Last night was one of those up and down nights. Reagan woke up a lot and then finally decided that she wanted to sleep from 6am-8:30am. This afternoon we went fishing...a first for Reagan. She fell asleep on the way to the boat and slept on the boatride out. She did pretty well on the lake. She got a little whiny but I think she was just getting hot (nothing a little juice can't cure). She took another nap about mid trip...I think she liked the rocking of the boat (maybe we need to live on a house boat). She was out like a light and probably would have slept forever but Daddy and PawPaw caught fish simultaneously and woke her up in all the excitement! We'll be heading back home tomorrow probably sometime around lunch time so please keep us in your prayers for a safe and stressless trip. It would be GREAT if we could get her to sleep a couple hours of the 4hr drive.

Kicking back...relaxing!

Nap time!

It's always a competition!


Heather said...

Love all the pictures. I hope you all were able to enjoy just some plain, old, quality family time. Just regular stuff. Stuff memories are made of. Sure appears you were. Darling pictures of Reagan. Especially with her Daddy. Prayers for an uncomplicated, easy, no extra things thrown in there, week!!!

teresa said...

It was wonderful to see you guys fishing and enjoying a family time. Reagan looks so cute with her glasses. Truly could see the glory of God in the sunset. I am still praying.