Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sleepless Nights & Feeding Difficulties

Reagan slept well for the first week, but ever since it's been a constant struggle. She's never slept in her crib. We've tried just about everything, sleeping with her on our chests, beside us in our bed, and then in a swing (which is where she sleeps now). She had tons of gas and was a very fussy baby crying often, we thought colic was going to be our biggest challenge. She also has never been a good eater. She would fight me and cry for the first 4 months of breastfeeding and while she prefered drinking from a bottle, it would take her forever to drink a respectable amount of milk. She was always very sensitive to loud noises and would startle and cry very easily (we just figured it was because she was an only child and lived such a sheltered life).