Friday, December 29, 2017

Kooky girl

Reagan has been a little kooky/vocal today! Gone are the days of total relaxation! She's been very spunky all day. I noticed right away a little sensitivity in her eyes, but it was later apparent she was pretty sensitive to noises/music as well. She was also NOT a fan of us talking to anyone but her! When I would come in and try to talk to the nurse, she would freak out a little (and settle down the second we stopped talking). She was also a little gaggy today, but usually just on her own hands she was trying to cram down her throat. Her nurse kept an arm restraint on her much of the day to prevent that. Tonight she was a little more laid back (not really sensitive to us talking or the tv), but still very vocal and kooky! Hopefully we can get this kooky girl to sleep tonight!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Still precious and calm

Reagan has had another great day today. She was up a little early, but SO adorable and so precious. She's still VERY laid back and loosey goosey today. SO mellow. I don't think I've ever...EVER...seen her go four days in a row this laid back and calm. Not just her personality, but more importantly, her body! Hands are relaxed and laying by her side, legs completely still. It's so nice to see her at rest! She's been a little sleepy today as well. She had PT this morning and then took a nice long nap afterward. When she woke back up, she was a little burpy and grinding her teeth (first and only sign of any tension) but still very calm and relaxed. Hoping that's not a sign of things to come. Hormones could be responsible too, so maybe some ibuprofen is in order? Sweet girl. Really hoping the good days continue for her. I love seeing her this relaxed.

Couldn't get a smile for my pic, but you can see how relaxed she is by her arm just hanging down beside her!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Silly snuggly girl

It's been another great day for my girl. She's been pretty silly today. Very vocal, but that sweet giddy sort of laugh. Just so, SO precious. She had a great session of speech this morning and then a good session of PT after that. She's still very calm and relaxed in her body. So super snuggly. Tonight I held her for a long time and she just melted into me. I could just squeeze her and squeeze her! Love this girl SO much!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Laid back girl

Today was another great day for my girl. She's still very laid back. No therapies today. We had a nurse for the first time in a while. We got Reagan up in her stander for a bit. Not a lot going on today. Just taking it easy. Hanging out around the house. My mom and my sister did some early morning shopping. We played some old school video games on my sister's super Nintendo Christmas present. By 5pm everyone was packed up and cleared out. Our house is once again dog free. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much a dog person, I've always loved dogs. I miss my lab terribly, but I don't miss the mess. Honestly it wasn't that bad for a few days, but I know the daily clean up associated with a dog and I don't think I'm ready for that again just yet. Ryan had a blast playing with the dogs though so at some point I know we will definitely have to get him a dog, but for now I'm going to enjoy having a dog free house! Reagan had a great night as well. She's still very sweet and laid back. Hoping these good days continue...

Monday, December 25, 2017

Very Merry Christmas

Reagan had an AMAZING day today! Merry Christmas to us! Seriously, this is the best present we could have gotten. She has been content and relaxed and just so SO good. It's been a bit sister and her husband drove in this morning from Dallas with their 3 now we have 5! And to be perfectly honest, everyone was really well behaved except for my mom's puppy (who likes to harass everyone else) but she's still a baby so that's to be expected. Reagan did awesome with everything. The opening of presents, the dogs, the cooking/eating...she was just a perfect lady. Ryan had a blast of course, but he's going through a bit of withdrawal now that all of the presents have been opened! It was a great day. The kids were great, the food was great, and we hung out and played games until late tonight. A very merry Christmas indeed...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Turning a corner?

Reagan had a ROUGH night last night. I was up a ton with her. Lots of crying/fussing. Even with medication, she wasn't able to sleep long. Poor girl. She was still very stressed this morning. Didn't want anyone to interact with her at all. It wasn't until this afternoon that she started warming up. It all started with Grandma, who was able to talk to her and even do her hair without her getting upset. Then tonight we were even able to bring her downstairs and she was fine. It would seem that she's turned the least that's what we're hoping. Praying tomorrow is a good day. If she's happy, we're happy!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not good...

Let's just start by saying it's been a nice long stretch of good days. I was hoping maybe we could extend it until Christmas, but I unfortunately know that is unlikely. That being said, it wasn't a 100% bad day, but a definite big step in the wrong direction. Reagan woke up tense and has been very serious and tense all day. No one could get a smile or laugh out of her...not even Grandma! She also seems to be holding her urine, not an uncommon characteristic on her tense days, but one we hope to avoid. She took a nice long nap from about 10:30am-3pm. When she woke up (she was still dry), and she was VERY tense. I tried talking and interacting with her and it only made her worse. She got very bitey and I had to just limit my interaction with her. She got increasingly tense as the night went on and by bed time, she had pretty much gone over to the dark side. Crying and flailing. She'd calm down when I picked her up and held her and then sleep for a bit with the help of medication but then wake up irate way too soon. Poor girl. Really praying she can turn this around before Christmas.