Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bad but not too bad

Reagan slept well last night but woke up this morning tense. No smiles, super seemed bad days were upon us!  She was fine though and OT even managed to come and get in an early session. Unfortunately that was it for the day! She had a couple periods of nonstop crying this morning! She eventually calmed down and slept a lot this afternoon! Tonight she was OK. Stressed, but OK. Still very coughy/chokey. Tonight she fell asleep on her own, so hopefully she'll get some good rest tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling better! Thank you for keeping my girl in your prayers!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 11

Reagan slept well last night. Today was Day 11 of her 11 day cycle so we weren't sure what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised! She had vision at 9am and she spent most of the time in her new little room that the vision therapist brought her (which really isn't little at all)! She did great with that and then had PT at 11. Her therapist got her  up in her stander and again she did great! Then at 2 she had OT. She was a little floppy, but she did well with that too! We were also able to squeeze in a bath this about a full day! All afternoon/night my girl was very calm and still. I did notice a touch of sensitivity though. And she has a little bit of a cough. Praying for sleep again tonight!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Super sleepy

Reagan had a super sleepy day today (which was totally unexpected)! She slept the entire night and nearly the entire day! She slept through having her vitals checked, diaper changes, a beeping pump, lots of medicine given, and a noisy brother! She didn't wake til 5:30pm and even then was still very groggy (and snorty/snotty)! She stayed awake though til 11:15pm and finally fell asleep with the help of clonidine! Today was Ryan's third day of school. Both of his usual teachers were out so I was really worried about how he was going to do (he was hysterical as I was leaving)! He calmed down though and had a good day (half day). He was asleep on the teachers lap when I came to pick him up (fell asleep during storytime)! Tonight I noticed that he's got a lot of dried blood stuck in his left ear...not sure if we need to do something about that or not. He has been pulling at that one a bit, so I'm gonna call the ENT tomorrow. Then when it was bedtime we were in his room reading books when he belted out (he's a singer) "kinkle kinkle little star, how I onder what u are" (or something along those lines)! I couldn't believe it! I mean, he mumbles something to the tune of the wheels on the bus and he sings EE-I, EE-I, O...but never a full sentence from a song! And that's not even a song I sing to him! He must have learned it at school! I was floored! And then a few minutes later he picked up a horse puzzle piece and said neigh! He's definitely making progress! Thank God! Keep those prayers coming! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sweet and laid back

Reagan slept well last night and even slept in a bit this morning! She's been SO sweet and smiley today! Yesterday she was good too, but still with a tinge of sensitivity, a few times she seemed like she might get too excited and freak out (but she never did)! Today she was definitely more laid back, but the hands are still constantly in her mouth! That poor left hand is SO shriveled and waterlogged! We've been doing our best to keep it out of her mouth, but it's a struggle (and she's just so strong)!!! She sure is darling though so we'll forgive her! She's been very congested, but still no drainage! Maybe her allergies are aggravated from being outside so much yesterday?!?! Today Grandma and I spent most of the day in the yard planting! We relocated a few rose bushes (that we hope will survive the transfer) and put in a bunch of new flowering plants that should help attract hummingbirds and butterflies! Grandma is the one with the green thumb, so hopefully I can keep the plants alive once she leaves! This afternoon Daddy and Reagan took a little spill on our staircase! Thankfully they were on the second to last step and no one was hurt, but it was very scary (we've all slipped on that step before, not sure what we can do about that))!! Tonight Reagan got in a good bath with Grandma! She actually gets in the tub with her (in her bathing suit) so Reagan can float around! She loves it! Hoping my clean girl sleeps well tonight! 
Brother admiring our yard work!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Outside fun

Reagan was restless last night! Not sure how much real sleep she got, but she sure was vocal and sweet this morning! Brother went with Daddy to the Crawfish festival while we hung out with grandma outside (she's our designated gardener) and took a trip to a local nursery! Good times! We won't lie, sometimes it's nice to just have girl time! Grandma gave her a worm to hold, put a moth on her (it was dead but pretty), she chilled by the was a good day! Tonight she was VERY congested and seemed to be having some drainage down the back of her throat that was making her nauseous (nothing was draining from her nose though)! Poor thing! Hopefully she's able to sleep tonight! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Darling girl, limping boy

Reagan had a good day today! She slept well (I think) and was up and at em by 7:30am. She's been sweet and smiley, but still battling the hand in the hair/hand in the mouth!! She's been very nasal/congested but no drainage except from one big sneeze! She did wonderful with therapy and school today and she was very vocal, but it seemed very purposeful!  Ryan has been fine, less coughing but still has a lot of greenish drainage from his nose! He also was randomly limping this morning. We have no clue why, but it seemed to go away after a couple of hours (although tonight he was kinda doing it again). I managed to get his antibiotic into him by dividing it into 4 different cups of carrot apple juice (1ml in each 6oz cup). This is not optimal, as he really needs to take it all at once, but we'll take what we can get! Hoping for a relaxing weekend with Grandma...both kids should be thrilled to see her as its been three weeks since her last visit!
A little nap this morning between therapies!

Playing with the speech therapist's shoes...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New ears for brother!

Reagan woke up bright and early today! She was wide awake at 4:45am when I got up! Maybe she anticipated that something was going on?? We left the house at 5:30am with a very groggy boy and headed into town. We got there by our 6am check-in time and there were already a few people there before us! Ryan was quite the trouble maker in pre-op! He didn't want them messing with him at all! There was even more fighting/crying when it came time to give him the Versed! We managed to get half a dose in him, but that's all! Thankfully, it was enough to loosen him up a bit so they could grab him and run off to surgery! (I sure wish they could have given him gas first!) Anyway, his dr came out maybe 20min later and told us everything went well! They did also remove his adenoids (in addition to placing ear tubes). It took another 20-30min before the carried him out to us! I was really worried about how he was going to do in recovery, but he was a superstar! Very little fussing and he woke up and gulped down a full cup of juice no problem! Shortly thereafter they took his iv out and we were on our way (around 8:15am)! Reagan fell back to sleep around 7:30am and then slept pretty much the entire day today! Ryan already seems to be feeling better and eating better! We even went on a little roadtrip and he did fine with that as well! Now we're dealing with the aftermath of the surgery...fighting to get antibiotic into him! If anyone has any helpful suggestions on that (he's on Cefdnir and we've already flavored it)! He won't touch his juice if it's in it and he threw up when we tried to inject it in his mouth! So stressful! We've got to get it in him! And tonight he's got a nasty cough that's keeping him awake! Please continue keep him in your prayers! I'm soooooo tired!!!